“You create a warm, safe, non-judgemental environment where I feel comfortable and encouraged. With you, I have always believed that full recovery is possible.”

"Jan and Estella treated my daughter not her illness. They saw the person behind the symptoms and responded to what they saw. This was the most crucial element of her recovery- being seen and accepted as a person. I cannot speak highly enough of the support they delivered to us all."

"Two years ago we established our daughter Emily had an eating disorder. Fortunately we found Jan and Estella of Shelly Beach Practice. Together they have educated, supported, guided and encouraged Emily through a very challenging and tough journey. Their expertise and experience in both of their fields is exceptional. Their ability to connect not only with Emily in private individual sessions but also us as her parents in family meetings has been the essence of helping our gorgeous girl get back to her normal healthy self. We will be forever grateful for all of their wisdom".

“By combining Estella’s expert nutritional knowledge and expertise, and Jan’s psychological experience and support, I am learning the art of mindful eating. I feel better about myself than I ever have before in my rather long life.”

"Over my first 4 years of treatment for bulimia I saw 5 different psychologists and counsellors, but had made little to no progress. Within 6 months of seeing Jan and Estella I saw a huge change - I had started eating foods that for years I had deemed unacceptable, started going out again, and began to understand and curb my disordered behaviour. They helped me change my beliefs about myself, and after a year I was free of purging - something I had many times thought would be with me forever. In sort, they helped give me my life back".