Dr Jan Geary, clinical psychologist

Dr Jan Geary, clinical psychologist

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Dr Jan Geary, PhD(Auck), PGDipClinPsy, BA Hons, Dip Tchg
Principal Clinical Psychologist

Registered Psychologist (NZ Psychologists Board, Clinical Scope)
Member, New Zealand Psychological Society
Member, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders

I am a clinical psychologist who has specialised in the treatment of individuals with eating disorders for over a decade. I have previously worked for the Auckland Regional Eating Disorders Service and for the Thrive Eating Disorders Service (now Tupu Ora, Regional Eating Disorders Service) during its start-up phase. I provide supervision and case consultations to other clinicians working in the field of eating disorders, and have delivered training seminars to Doctorate of Clinical Psychology students. I keep up to date through reading, contact with colleagues, and regular attendance at training workshops and conferences.

In recent years, I have become increasingly interested in working alongside the dietitians in our practice to help those who have binge eating/overeating problems and weight management issues. The results and positive outcomes reported by clients make this area of work particularly gratifying. I also enjoy working with individuals who, following weight recovery, still struggle with intuitive eating, body image, self esteem and interpersonal functioning.

Despite the focus on eating issues and related concerns, I also have experience treating anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and life transitions.  I draw from a range of therapies and have a particular interest in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (click here for further details).

E. jan.geary@shellybeachpractice.co.nz
Clinic days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Dr Dean Kilian, D Litt et Phil (Psych), MA (Psych), MA (Speech Pathology), BA (Sp & H Th), BA(Hons) (Applied Psych), MEd (Educational Linguistics), Hons BA (Applied Linguistics), BA

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Registered Clinical Psychologist, New Zealand Psychologists Board
New Zealand Psychological Society International Association of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
Health Professions Council of South Africa

I am a clinical psychologist who has specialised in the treatment of individuals with eating disorders and disordered eating for the past 16 years. This has included work on an in-patient unit and out-patient basis with various kinds of eating disorders. I have conducted professional supervision and professional reading groups for fellow clinicians who work with individuals with disordered eating. I completed my doctorate on eating disorders and addiction and have kept up to date with the literature and research in this field. I especially enjoy working as part of a team to ensure that I am able to take care of clients in the most impactful way possible; this can include a dietitian, family and anyone else who can provide support in the time of recovery.

I see human experience as complex and enjoy working with individuals beyond weight management, focussing on individual experiences of being in relationship with others, functioning optimally in the world, addressing issues of sexuality, gender and body image and the process of rediscovering the importance of developing a healthier relationship with food. I enjoy working with adults and adolescents.

In addition to my work with eating and related disorders, I have worked extensively with addiction (alcohol, drugs and sex), personality related problems, self-mutilation, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+ issues, physical illness and trauma. I believe it is important to adapt my approach to each person’s individual therapeutic needs; as such, I use a variety of therapies, including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT and CBT-E), narrative therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, systemic therapy and art therapy. I have a specific interest in relational forms of individual psychotherapy and in family/couples therapy. I also find supervising the clinical work of colleagues satisfying.

Email: dean@shellybeachpractice.co.nz
Clinic days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday